Social Skills Groups

Saturday sessions for convenience

Specialised groups for children with autism between 3 to 16 years
Small group sizes of 2-6 children

Facilitated by Enaksha Garde (Speech Pathologist) and Maria Mrkela (Psychologist).

Runs fortnightly over the school term.
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This group will focus on a combination of:

Forming friendships with peers, greetings and eye contact, taking turns and sharing, listening/attention, conversational skills, making and keeping friends, understanding feelings, problem solving, being confident/self confidence, avoiding bullying, giving compliments and regulating feelings.

45 minute sessions with parent chat and home strategies following group

For more information contact:
Enaksha Garde 0411 370 250

Me + you= us “You can’t learn social skills on your own”

Various music and language social groups are run on afternoons during school terms, catering for a wide range of abilities and learning goals. These small groups aim to provide children with social interaction and communication difficulties an opportunity to learn by experiencing and doing in a supportive peer group environment.

Our engaging and strengths based program uses both music therapy and speech and language developmental strategies to work on various individualised goals.

Children will be matched to a group based on their stage of development and their strengths. An initial 1:1 session prior to group is a requirement.

The size of the groups range from 2-4 children with our experienced music therapist and speech pathologist.

Typical learning goals might include:

  • Joint attention/ Reciprocity
  • Concentration
  • Emotional regulation/ separation
  • Turn taking and sharing
  • Listening/ following directions
  • Verbal and nonverbal communication skills
  • Fine and gross motor development
  • Pretend play
  • Playing WITH peers

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We welcome calls from parents and carers referring their children. We are also happy to answer general questions from doctors, teachers, maternal health nurses and other professionals.