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We are a team of  passionate Speech Pathologists who all have many years of experience in paediatrics.
Our experienced therapists are all working independently, sharing resources, knowledge, support and skills.
We are all here because we care about your kids and you.

Betty Mihelakos (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday)

Betty graduated at Latrobe University, and has also completed further studies in psychodrama, family therapy and paediatric feeding. Due to long waitlists for speech pathology services in the public service, Betty began Northern Speech Pathology in 2000. In 2015 Melbourne Kids Developmental Services was formed. This consortium now encompasses allied health professionals who are equally passionate about helping families flourish.

Betty is a certified practising member of Speech Pathology Australia who has over 25 years’ experience in working with children aged 0-12 with a variety of speech, language, play, social, literacy and feeding difficulties. Betty believes children are wired to connect with people, not machines or programs! She invites you to come move, play, learn, sing and laugh with her in therapy sessions.

2015 betty

Pippa Lambiase (Wednesday at the clinic, and Thurs/Fri mornings out of the clinic)

Pippa graduated from LaTrobe University in 1993, and have been practising for 17years. She started within the public sector (Specialist Children’s Services, Dept of human services) on a multidisciplinary team, before moving into private practice. Pippa worked in the United States of America in the 90s and is a member of Speech Pathology Australia. She is trained in Hanen, Floor-time, Key word signing, Cued articulation, Talking Mats and Mother Goose. Pippa enjoys working with children and being entertained by their individual behaviours and characteristics. She likes to use humour and fun within the clinical setting to teach both the parents and child. Sessions are practical and provide functional strategies for the home setting, given the time-constraints of most parents. The session will always end with a prize (usually a stamp) and a chat with the parents.


Renata Winkler (Friday)

Renata graduated from the University of Sydney and has over 20 years experience as a Speech Pathologist in Australia and the United Kingdom. She currently works part time for Victoria Paediatric Rehabilitation Service as well as being a mother herself. Renata enjoys seeing children between the ages of 0-12 years and believes therapy is more effective when it is in partnership with parents and other professionals.




Katrina Wenham (Wednesday, Thursday)

Since graduating from the University of Queensland, Katrina has 20 years experience working with preschool and school-aged children on a range of speech and language difficulties. A Certified Practising Member of Speech Pathology Australia, Katrina’s approach to building your child’s confidence is practical and evidence-based. Her priority is to ensure that your child is comfortable in our clinic and she takes the time to understand your concerns and your child’s abilities within the family context.  Speech sound disorders and language and literacy difficulties are among her particular areas of interest. Katrina is available on Wednesday and Thursday.

Katrina Wenham




Linzi Fowler (Monday, Friday)

Graduated from Queen Margaret University College in Edinburgh, Linzi has gained varied experience working in a range of special school and mainstream settings in the UK before moving to Australia in 2011, where she has worked in schools, private practice and early intervention. A certified practising member of Speech Pathology Australia, Linzi enjoys working with children from 0-12 years, with a range of speech, language, social and literacy difficulties, with a particular interest in preparing children for their school years. Linzi has completed training in a range of speech, language and literacy courses, including Hanen More Than Words, Nuffield Dyspraxia Program, PECS, Floortime and Karen Stagnitti’s Learn to Play program. Linzi believes that there is no ‘one fits all’ approach and likes to cater therapy and support to meet the individual child and their family. She believes children learn through play and that laughter leads to learning.

Linzi Fowler

Alison Sharp (Tuesday and Thursday)

Alison graduated as a Speech Pathologist from La Trobe University in 1999. Prior to speech pathology, she worked as a Registered Nurse. Alison has extensive experience providing speech pathology services to children in rural and metropolitan hospitals and schools. She has worked privately since 2005. Alison is a warm, creative and family centred therapist who enjoys working with a range of speech and language difficulties including autism, speech/language delays, phonological disorders and literacy. When working with children with autism, Alison uses the Floortime therapy approach (Stanley Greenspan, DIR). This approach uses emotion, to engage children and develop communication. Alison highly values community consultation and liaises regularly with kindergartens, schools and Early Intervention services. She is a Certified Practising Speech Pathologist.



Georgia Olymbios (Tuesday)

Georgia graduated from La Trobe University and is a Certified Practising member of Speech Pathology Australia. She has 24 years of clinical experience working with children with speech sound and language difficulties, fluency, literacy, social skills and developmental disorders. She is highly skilled in working with children aged 0-6 years of age and values working together in a team that includes the child, their family and other professionals from multiple disciplines to achieve the best possible outcome. Georgia is trained in Hanen ‘It Takes Two to Talk’ and ‘Target Word’ programs, Family Partnership model, PROMPT, Key Word Signs and Lidcombe Program of Early Stuttering Intervention. Georgia aims to make appointments fun, provide information and practical strategies to empower families to support their child in achieving their goals.


Carla Mangion (Saturday)

Graduated at Charles Sturt University with a major in Disability studies, Carla has worked in a variety of settings across UK and Australia. A practising member of Speech Pathology Australia, her areas of interest include children aged between 0-12 with speech, communication and language difficulties, specialising in children with additional needs and autism. Carla believes children learn best when they are motivated and having fun, therefore therapy should be fun and innovative, not a chore!


Enaksha Garde (Wednesday, Saturday)

Enaksha graduated from LaTrobe University and has been practising for fifteen years in both the mainstream and disability sectors. She has also completed a post graduate diploma in educational studies (Disabilities and Impairments and Learning Difficulties) and is in the process of completing a doctorate. She has presented at Department of Education and Australian Society of Intellectual Disability conferences. She is a Certified Practising Speech Pathology Member. Enaksha has experience working with children and individuals of all ages. She has special interest in the area of disability (including intellectual disability, cerebral palsy, autism) and in particular those with complex communication needs and behaviours of concern. She also has an interest in facilitating social skills groups. She also has experience supporting individuals with speech, language, literacy and eating and swallowing disorders. She is passionate about utilising family centred and person centred practice when working with individuals and their families.


Nicole Hutchinson (Tuesday)

Nicole Hutchinson holds a Master of Speech Pathology from La Trobe University and is a Certified Practicing Member of Speech Pathology Australia. Nicole has a special interest in the areas of Stuttering and Speech, Language, Literacy and Hearing Impairment. She is an active member of the Speech Pathology Special Interest Groups for Stuttering, Autism, Language and Learning Difficulties and Speech Pathologists in Deaf Education.

  • Nicole is qualified to run international and national recognised therapy programs including:
  • Lidcombe Program – focusing on early stuttering
  • Hanen ‘It Takes Two to Talk’ – early language programs
  • Alert – How Does Your Engine Run – self regulation for sensory processing challenges
  • Karen Stagnetti ‘Understanding Children’s Play Ability’ workshop
  • Literacy program ‘Sounds Write’ and
  • Auslan level 3 certification.

Nicole has worked in community health, primary and secondary schools, community outreach and private practice. She is a caring and compassionate speech pathologist. She is dedicated to empowering the client, their family and their support team with the knowledge and skills to support successful and positive communication experiences.

NSP Nicole Photo


Tessy Bazzano (Saturday)

Tessy graduated from La Trobe University with a Master of Speech Pathology and is a member of Speech Pathology Australia. She is currently doing her internship at Melbourne Kids. Tessy has worked with children with communication difficulties in a range of settings including primary and secondary schools, hospitals and community health. Tessy enjoys working with children aged 5-18, and her areas of interest include literacy, speech and language. She is enthusiastic about supporting school aged children to achieve educational and academic success. Tessy believes that therapy should be client-centred and that children learn best when their interests are incorporated into therapy!


Monique Maguire (Wednesday, Thursday)

Monique has a special interest in stuttering assessment and therapy. She is currently on sabbatical but is available to provide services via Skype. Monique is dedicated to providing person-centered, evidence-based services to people of all ages. She has experience in both Australia and New Zealand, across a variety of public and private settings. Monique is formally trained in a range of evidence-based stuttering treatments including: the “Lidcombe Program of Early Stuttering Intervention”, “RESTART DCM” and the “Camperdown Program”. She has also undertaken other professional development specific to stuttering, including: the consideration of stuttering and anxiety, stuttering management in school-aged children, and timing of early stuttering intervention.

Monique graduated with a Masters of Speech Pathology from La Trobe university and was awarded the Victorian Speak Easy Association student award for academic and clinical excellence in stuttering. She is a member of the Golden Key Honours Society for academic excellence, and is a Certified Practising Member of Speech Pathology Australia. Monique is also an active member of the Victorian Stuttering Special Interest Group, she mentors other qualified speech pathologist in the area of stuttering practice, and at times works casually at the specialised stuttering clinics at La Trobe University both as a speech pathologist and as a clinical educator of speech pathology students. Monique was also part of a working party that formulated clinical practice guidelines in the area of stuttering on behalf of Speech Pathology Australia, and she has also worked briefly as a research assistant in the area of stuttering.


Alana Kerr (Saturday)

Alana graduated from Latrobe University as a Speech Pathologist, and also has a Masters of Health Science in Developmental Disability from Sydney University. She has worked extensively with children in early years (0-6), school-aged children and with adults specifically with social skills needs. Alana has worked in Australia and overseas in private practice and in multidisciplinary non- government agencies and in senior clinical roles within government services, and specialised settings for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Alana has experience and qualifications in a range of techniques and approaches including keyword sign, Picture Exchange Communication system, positive behavioural support, paediatric mealtimes and a range of low and high tech augmentative and alternative communication approaches.

Alana is a certified practising member of Speech Pathology Australia who has 18 years of experience in working with children and adults with a variety of speech, language, social, literacy, and mealtime needs. Alana believes that therapy should be enjoyable and person-centred and that working with families to tap into an individual’s motivations and strengths is key to helping them meet their goals and fulfil their potential.

ak photo


Jayne Dixon

(Tuesday and Wednesday home and school/ childcare based sessions)

Jayne Dixon graduated from the University of Manchester, UK in 2000 and has since practiced in the UK and New Zealand before settling in Melbourne in 2009. Jayne initially worked in early intervention and community health settings before moving into private practice and school based work. Jayne has specialist experience as part of a multidisciplinary Autism assessment team and is a registered provider of services under the FaHCSIA Helping Children with Autism and Better Start packages. Jayne’s particular areas of interest include early language and literacy, and working with school aged children. A certified practising member of Speech Pathology Australia, Jayne has also completed training in courses including PROMPT therapy, Hanen It Takes Two to Talk, Lidcombe therapy for stuttering, Lemphonics and PECS.

Jayne enjoys building a strong rapport with both her students and their families, and enjoys working with students in the context of their home, childcare and school environments. Jayne likes to make therapy fun and engaging and loves to see a student’s motivation build as they experience success.


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