Trish Dearn, RMT. MMus (Res), Grad Dip M.Thrp, BMus.

Individual Consultations available in- Music Therapy at Melbourne Kids

What is paediatric developmental Music Therapy (pdMT)?

A paediatric developmental music therapist uses music with intention to achieve therapeutic developmental goals. Research has shown that music therapy can help in the following areas of child development: Emerging Communication skills/ Language, Cognition/thinking, Sensory processing, emotional regulation, physical movement and social skills.

What to expect in a session?

A typical session might include activities such as singing familiar songs, creating spontaneous songs for individual behavioural and language goals, following the child’s lead and co-creating music to assist with emotional regulation, playing instruments together and practising listening and imitating/initiating, listening to stories with props, piano shared improvisation, sensory exploration through music, and using action songs to integrate movement with sensory exploration. Music therapists are trained in both the developmental needs of children and the therapeutic needs of the family and therefore every music therapy session is tailored to meet the specific needs of the child. Individual and/or group sessions are available. Sessions range from 30-60 mins. Groups of 2 or more are run by the Registered Music Therapist (RMT) in conjunction with a Speech Pathologist and are Fachsia funded where applicable.

Trish is a Registered Music Therapist (RMT) with specialist skills in working with children with ASD, particularly non-verbal or early verbal children. Trish regularly communicates with other members of a child’s developmental team such as a speech pathologist, psychologist, early educator, OT, physio or ABA/ ESDM/ or early intervention team. She also has many years of experience working with families with a child with a chronic illness or disability including premature infants. Trish works within a strengths- based philosophy and works with parents and children together in a session to ensure that the strategies can be taken into the home. Trish is certified as an ABA therapist and has completed Floortime training.

Trish Dearn